What to Know About Porta Potties Before Your Next Roofing Project

Roofing contractors often work with a team, and they’re responsible for the project, the safety of their crew, and the site they work on. There are several factors that a roofing contractor needs to stay on top of during a project. One of those factors includes taking care of the basic needs of their crew while on-site. That means they should ensure proper facilities are on-site for the workers. The YouTube video highlights five things you didn’t know about portable toilets.

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Portable Toilet Facts

The most critical point is that restrooms are required on any work site with more than two contractors. The Occupation Health and Safety Act requires that at least one facility is available for up to 20 workers, and the number of facilities increases as the number of workers increases. Another key point is portable toilets’ convenience on a job site. There’s no need to excavate to install bathroom facilities as these facilities are portable and can be moved around and removed when the job is complete.

Getting a porta potty rental in Syracuse, NY, means that your service provider will handle your project’s entire waste management aspect while you focus on your core operations. You’ll save time, money, and resources and do your bit for the environment by saving water. Portable toilets offer convenience and show that you respect the basic needs of your crew.


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