How to Safely Handle AC Condensate

The HVAC unit pulls the humidity out of your indoor air. The water then builds up in a condensate pan beneath the unit. It drains to the outside, but what if the tube is clogged? Diverstech explains home ac repair.

Importance of Manual Reset Switch

Without this handy Asurity gadget, the HVAC will turn on and off multiple times. The water will overflow the condensate pan and damage the floor.

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If the tube is clogged, the reset switch won’t work. You’ll have to clean the clog, manually reset the switch, and then the water will pass.

What Else?

An extra safety precaution exists at the top of the unit. A clear tube is attached to a clean-out gadget for your pipes. If the water rises and trips the float, the electrical contact is broken. This allows the water to travel along the clear tube to the condensate pump. The water safely drains outside.

Part of the Asurity system is yet another safety valve on the condensate pan. Three switches are overkill, really, but you won’t have water on the floor. If water does get on the floor, another switch wicks the water into a container and keeps it off the floor. A technician will have to reset it.

Technology is a wonderful thing when it gives you multiple protections from condensate. You can buy the gadgets and do your own ac repair instead of paying pros to do it.


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